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Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon Car Hire

Choosing an executive hire car can be difficult but Krystal Limousines offer some of the smartest, sleekest vehicles available. The Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon is one of the market leading saloon cars and whilst it clearly emanates corporate style and class, itís a great vehicle for informal events too.

The Mercedes E-Class is one of the most prestigious lines in the whole Mercedes range. It offers a seamless combination of luxury, comfort, style and speed which will satisfy even the pickiest of car lovers. If youíre looking for class, Krystal Limousinesí Mercedes E63 hire car is definitely worst considering.

There is nothing the Mercedes E63 doesnít offer a driver. Itís designed for comfort as well as practicality so you can sink back into your luxury seat and enjoy the classic Mercedes dashboard. Its 5.5l twin-turbo V8 engine speeds from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds so itís great for zipping around the countryside or showing off in style in your local city centre.

The E63 AMG Saloon is designed in a sleek aerodynamic fashion to aid speed and just look fantastic. Whatís more it utilises many patented Mercedes technologies to bring it up to speed in more ways than one. Security features including Attention Assist and the LED headlamps include Intelligent Light System for more safety on the roads. Smooth transitions between the gears allows you to feel the pure power that tells you youíre driving a classic Mercedes vehicle.

There is no occasion that you canít enjoy from the comfort of a Mercedes E63 AMG saloon. Itís large, sleek body stands out against the crowd and youíll be proud to arrive at any event and step out from the back seat.

Consider hiring a Mercedes E63 AMG saloon for your wedding day. Itís not the traditional wedding car but its classic design and elegance mean youíll feel absolutely amazing as you rock up to your venue. Perhaps the groom could splash out and drive a Mercedes for the day whilst the bride arrives in traditional style?

Hiring a Mercedes E63 AMG saloon is the natural choice for any business or corporate event. You will impress all the other delegates at that big conference and you can be sure visiting partners will be impressed as you show them to your Mercedes for the ride back to their hotel.

Krystal Limousines offer the Mercedes E63 AMG saloon for hire to guarantee your event is as successful as possible.