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~Hummer Limousine hire

The Hummer limousine is the ideal vehicle for a fun night out, for proms, for the bachelor party, for your best friends� bridal shower, for the exclusive weddings and so on. When you rent a hummer limousine you can have it fitted to suit the specific event perfectly. A Hummer limousine is up to 38 feet long which means that there will be plenty of room for all sorts of decorations and equipment. The romantic honey moon couple can choose a Hummer limousine with a luxurious Jacuzzi and have the car decorated with roses. Let the stereo play romantic tunes and relax with some champagne from the bar. For the wild party night, you can instead choose a Hummer limousine that is virtually a night club on wheels with a supreme sound system, subwoofers, speakers and of course your favourite party music. Top it of with brightly coloured lights that reflect in the decorative mirrors and two fully stocked bars. You can also use the flat TV screens to project your favourite music videos while you are celebrating.

The first Hummers were developed by the U.S. Army and the Hummer is still a very popular vehicle in though terrains. The Hummer limousine is a modified version of the Hummer H2 model and is created in Los Angeles. A Hummer H2 is simply cut in half and a middle part is added that makes the Hummer limousine up to 38 feet long. This can be compared to the 23 feet long standard Hummer H2. When a Hummer H2 is turned into a Hummer limousine the roof is also raised six inches to make the limo more comfortable for the passengers. All non-military Hummers, including the Hummer limousine, are manufactured by the AM General Corp. of South Bend Industries. They began to offer Hummers for civilians during the early 1990�s.

The Hummer limousine might look very posh, but it is still equipped the reliable and non-nonsense engine found in standard Hummer H2 cars. All Hummer limousines have the powerful Humvee 6-liter V8 engine, but with an additional alternator that will power up interior lights, fog machines etcetera. The Hummer limousine is also typically fitted with a wider pair of tires than the ordinary Hummer H2.

The roomiest Hummer limousines will have plenty of room for up to 24 passengers which makes them ideal for proms, large corporate events, and celebrations. If you instead opt for a Hummer limousine with a Jacuzzi there will naturally be less space for passengers. When you rent your Hummer limousine it is therefore importantto tell the rental company how many guests you are expecting. Most Hummer limousines are equipped with black leather SUV-seats that gives them a classic and luxurious look. Climate control, privacy screen, interior mood lighting and tinted windows are found in a majority of all Hummer limousines and you can also expect CD and DVD-players, flat screen TVs and a fully stocked bar. If you love champagne, you should make sure that the Hummer limousine that your rent is one of the many Hummer limousines equipped with champagne wells, smart champagne glasses, ice chests and of course � high quality champagne. The party animal can choose a Hummer limousine with fog machines and mirrored ceilings. For the romantic evening, a sparkling (artificial) fire might be more appropriate.

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