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What we do to our limousines daily

Checking the Limousine tyre pressures, Limo tyres can withstand a lot of punishment, but that's not a reason for complacency. Tyres are less likely to burst or puncture if they are run at the correct pressure. Apart from which, it is illegal to have incorrectly inflated tyres, this is why Limo Hire Nottingham drivers will always check the tyre pressure before each journey, this is then logged on a Limo Log Sheet.

While checking the pressure we take a look at the tread - and bits of glass, nails, stones etc. stuck in there. Drivers are always careful when running the hands around the tyres; Nottingham Limo Hire Drivers always wear gloves before they do check the tyres.Checking the oil, this is done before the engine is started and with the Limousine parked on a flat road.

If you live on a hill, drive somewhere flat, switch off the engine, and let the Limousine stand for five minutes. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean with a rag and then put it in again. Now pull it out and check the level - it should be about half way between 'min' and 'max'. If it is below 'min' gets a pint of oil immediately. If it was OK last week, get a mechanic to check it. Some older engines use quite a lot of oil and so might need a drop every now and then. You'll only get to know if you check it. Engines that run out of oil usually die - often at inconvenient times and miles away from home.

Modern Limousine Hire Nottingham will have oil level warning lights or gauges in their Limousines - these are separate from oil pressure gauges - read Limousine handbook or make sure that the chauffeur checks the oil!Water: Most Limousines now have sealed or semi sealed 'coolant' systems. There is a level indicator on the plastic tank somewhere under the bonnet - this tank doesn't need to be full - simply the drivers will it up to the mark.

Screen wash: this is checked before each Limo Hire Nottingham booking - screen-wash is very important in the winter on a slushy motorway the chauffeurs know how important this check is, for visual and safety reasons. So the drivers check that Limousine wiper blades are OK, this only takes a minute. Lights: Make sure that all Limousine lights and indicators work. This will stop you getting a fixed penalty ticket. There will also be one less reason for a stranger to stop you with a view to helping...

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