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Self Drive Company Introduce Smart Cars

A self drive company which is based in Edinburgh have revealed plans to introduce Smart Cars to its fleet for 2012 trying to do something for the environment cutting down speed and emissions in the city. The idea has been set up for single passenger journeys that are making the same journeys as people in 6 seaters and are using the exact same emissions. The Edinburgh Private Hire believes the new Smart car taxi service will be very popular in the city and they will be running it all day. The stats believe that over 55% of the trips are being taken to Edinburgh airport are in fact for single passengers only. They believe they can cut the fuel consumption by helping the community and they are now planning to use electric vehicles with the success of the smart cars.

The Edinburgh Company hope to push their idea all the way through 2012 and hope to have the cars up and running in the first quarter of the year, they hope to help the community in a positive way as a taxi firm and it will soon be seen if other companies will follow suit.